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Provision of the Big Game within the English World Сlub

General Description

1.1. The following provision determines the order of the Big Game

1.2. The Big Game will be held within the zone of English World

1.3. The purpose of the game is to develop and improve students in English speaking skills and the promotion of non-formal and playful communication in English language

1.4. International Student Office and Student Life Office are responsible for the organization of the Big Game. 1.5. All the cases regarding the organization of the game is conducted by the moderator

1.6. Information regarding the Big Game is available on the AUCA’s official web page and on social media.

1.7. The Big Game starts on 1st of November 2017 until 14th of April of 2018

The Participants

2.1. The participants of the game could be students, faculty and staff

2.2. The participation in the Game starts only after registration

2.3. The participants of the game can participate only in case that they agree with the rules of the game that are written in the rules of the game.

2.4. Participant of the game will be monitored by the moderator of the club

Rules of the Game

3.1. Participation in the game requires registration. Registration will start on 20th of October 2017. Registered player gets an access to closed Facebook page name Big Game. The club will announce the end of registration.

3.2. The game will be operated in a specific area reserved for the English World

3.3. The following rules are for the participants of the Game:

• Only English language is allowed in the given area
• To wear identification badges that are going to be given during registration
• Try to participate in all the learning games that the club organizes in order to earn the most amount of points
• To participate in the organization of the games.
• In case of organizing a games but the games table is busy with an unregistered student, they are offered either to leave the table or participate in the game.

3.4. Point system

• Members can receive (plus) points and penalty (minus) points during the game.
• Plus points are awarded to a member of the game for:

-Catching the "violator" rule 3.3 of the games- speaking in any other language than English, not wearing identification badge in the game zone (+10 points. In order to earn the points, the member should report the violator to the club moderator who is going to keep a score table. The member should also inform the violator that he is “caught”. The violator can argue his case with 24 hour period. The final decision will be made by the moderator of the club.

- Organizing and conducting any games or activities within the club during the week (must be reported to moderator) - the number of activities are not limited, the number of participants in a games must not be less than 6 people including the organizer of the game. (+20 points for a known and popular game, +40 points for a rare and creative game. The final decision in made by the moderator.

- Participation in the weekly games (winner “+20” points, 2nd place “+15” points, 3rd place “+10” points)

-Volunteering for the Big Game (Once a month “+10” points)

-Participation in Big event (once every month, starts from “+5” till “+50” points. Rules of every monthly Big event will be announced in advance)

-Registration for monthly events starts before the games starts. Every registered member automatically earns “+5” points.

- Every implemented innovative idea for English World area – “+50” points

- Moderator is responsible of keeping track of each member’s points. An application to conduct a game must be made at least 12 hours before the game is held. The name of the game and its time must be specified in the application form. The report of the game should be given within 24 hours after the end of the game. The report should include the last names of the participants and the winner. The conversation between the moderator and the members of the club is done through closed Facebook page “Big Game”. – The tournament table (current position) is updated every Monday before 12:00. Moderator’s responsibility.

- Organizers of games reserve the right to set additional points during the game and report it to the group through moderator.

Penalty Points

-“Violator” of rule 3.3- speaking in other language than English within the club area, being in the area without identification badge “-5” points for each violation.

- Moderator performs "surprise checks" of the games. In the case of fraud (stated and not preformed), the organizer received “-30” penalty points

3.5. The current position of the participants will be displayed weekly at a special stand inside the English World


4.1. Judges consists of International Student Office, Student life office, and the moderator of the English World club.

4.2. Judges will announce the winner


5.1. The awarding ceremony will be held in April 2018
5.2. The participant that earns the most amount of points will be th

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