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Michael Connelly Brady

Associate Professor

Software Engineering Department

Division of Applied Sciences


Email: [javascript protected email address]

Phone: +996 (312) 915000 ext. 422

Room: 415


May, 2012 Indiana University Ph.D. Cognitive Science, Area -Neural models & motor control, Minor -Linguistics;
May, 2002 Indiana University B.A. Individualized Major, Area-Music cognition.


I have a long time interest in machine learning for temporal patterns. My particular
focus has been on the development of artificial neural networks for speech motor learning
and control with perceptual feedback. I have a strong background in speech and audio
digital signal processing, Bayesian networks and Markov models, synchronizing
resonator models, control theory, connectionist and dynamical systems, and experiment
design and statistical analyses. I am interested in applying these skills to interesting
projects while working with a diverse set of exceptional team members.



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  • Valenti, A. Brady, M.C., Scheutz, M. Holcomb, P. & Pu, H. (2016) A neural field model
    of word repetition effects for early time-course ERPs in spoken word perception.
    Proceedings of the 38th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, Philadelphia
  • Blanchard, N., Brady, M.C., Olney, A., Glaus M., Sun, X., Nystrand, M., Samei, B.,
    Kelly, S. & D’Mello, S. K. (2015). A study of automatic speech recognition in noisy
    classroom environments for automated dialog analysis. Proceedings of the 17th
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  • Brady, M.C. (2014). A bi-directional graphical model for babble-feedback learning in
    speech. Procedia Computer Science, Elsevier. 41, 220–225.
  • Brady, M.C. (2012) Ph.D Dissertation: A Field-Based Artificial Neural Network with
    Cerebellar Model for Complex Motor Sequence Learning. Indiana University
  • Brady, M.C. (2010) SCA-Net: a sensation-cognition-action network for speech
    processing. Proceedings of the 1st Annual Meeting of the BICA (Biology Inspired
    Cognitive Architectures) Society.
  • Brady, M.C. (2010) Prosodic timing analysis for articulatory re-synthesis using a bank of
    resonators with an adaptive oscillator. Proceedings of Interspeech 2010, Tokyo.
  • Brady, M.C. (2009) Speech as a problem of motor control in robotics. Proceedings of the
    31st Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, Amsterdam
  • Brady, M.C. (2008) A spectral timing model pour L'ART. Proceedings of the
    International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, Sapporo, Japan.
  • Brady, M.C. & Port, R.F. (2007) Quantifying vowel onset periodicity in Japanese.
    Proceedings of the International Conference on Phonetic Science, Saarbrucken.
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  • Brady, M.C. (2006) Adaptive resonance situated for articulatory speech learning and
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    Workshop on Android Science at the 27th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science
    Society, Stressa, Italy.

• Machine learning for temporal patterns
• Digital signal processing
• Robotics as applied embodied cognition
• Dynamical systems modeling and analysis
• Speech cognition
• Music cognition
• Programming GPUs with CUDA


  • Applied autonomous robotics
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Parallel and Distributed Programming (eng)
  • Machine Learning
  • Structural Programming
  • Computer Speech and Language Processing
  • Computer Vision (eng)
  • Safety Management and Economics
  • Computer Architecture & Organization (eng)
  • Embedded systems
  • System programming

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