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Counseling Service

Counseling Service

The professional psychologists at Counseling Service (CS) offers free, confidential counseling for AUCA students, faculty, and staff.

We have a strong commitment to meeting the needs of all people, and strive to create an environment where individuals from all backgrounds feel welcome, respected, and understood. While we do help those in crisis or distress, we also provide services to those who wish to prevent their concerns from developing into more serious problems.


CS is committed to protecting your privacy and confidentiality. This means that communications between counselor and client are privileged and safeguarded by law, and not released to anyone (parents, teachers, employers, or authorities) without your written permission. However, there are a few exceptions to maintaining the confidentiality dictated by law. These include, but are not limited to, imminent risk to self or others or instances of abuse of a minor, elderly, or disabled person. Your counselor will discuss this with you further, and you can voice any questions or concerns you have with them at your initial appointment.

What is this Counseling for?

In general, CS provides counseling and informational services. Virtually any personal issues are appropriate for counseling if they are negatively impacting functioning in your various roles in life. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • depression
  • nervousness/anxiety
  • concerns about relationships with family/friends
  • academic difficulties
  • grief/loss
  • substance abuse (drugs/alcohol)
  • questions about sexuality/relationships
  • choice of major or career
  • trauma/abuse/sexual assault
  • exploring transitions, life choices, and identity
  • Eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorders.

Those who come to CS will find a professional, caring, and non-judgmental atmosphere to discuss their concerns.

How the Process Works

You will have a brief initial appointment (usually 40 – 50 min) with the psychologist to determine what, if any, services are appropriate for you. This will include taking some background information and learning what concerns prompted you to come see us.

Whatever you and your counselor decide upon, your counselling will provide you a supportive forum to discuss your concerns. Your counselor will NOT offer an immediate solution, over-analyze you, know all the answers, or tell you what to do, but will facilitate your progress by helping you make choices and decisions that are right for YOU.

How Do I make on appointment?

Download pre-counseling form (for students or staff) and send it by email to or take it in person to CS Office-manager Nelli Abdrakhmanova, 4th floor, Room 415 (on the right)

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