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International and Comparative Politics

The department of International and Comparative Politics aims to develop in students the ability to identify, explain, understand and contextualize political institutions, organizations, behaviour, and various other phenomena comparatively and against the general background of contemporary world politics. To that effect, students are expected to have a general understanding of what constitutes International and Comparative Politics.

In the meantime, the ‘comparative’ element of ICP as a field carries both methodological and substantive implications as we endeavour to explain political processes, institutions and behaviour from a comparative perspective and across national boundaries. At ICP, we also highlight the significance of political theory. Every course in ICP has theoretical background and presuppositions. Students are invited to explore them and other competing theories in order to offer different perspectives on the issues in focus, as well as think abstractly and attempt to answer normative questions that are still relevant to political science. We also invite our students to reflect on many contested concepts in political science (such as ‘democracy’) and to appreciate the wide range of interpretations and formulations developed by prominent scholars.

Overall, ICP students are only limited by the political phenomena in the objective world, abstract thought in the conceptual world, the validity of their analysis, and time. This means that there are countless research interests and a plurality of methodologies that enable ICP students to further explore, understand, and explain whatever interests them.

Major Requirements

All courses are 6-credit courses unless noted otherwise. For the course details, please consult to your advisor or the program chair.

ELECTIVE COURSES: 50 credits total
Students are expected to take additional elective courses: 50 credits total, maximum of 18 credits or minimum of 6 credits should be taken within the major, the rest credits should be taken outside the major.

All students should complete the general education requirements, 94 or 96 credits in total in accordance with the year of student enrollment. For the details, please check the page on General education requirements and policies.

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