Online Tutoring



Follow these steps for a successful online tutoring session:

  1. Sign up for an online tutoring session using the WARC's online scheduling system.

  2. Log into your AUCA G-mail account a few minutes before the start of your scheduled session.

  3. Open the Google Hangouts app and the Google Drive app.

  4. Make sure that your drafts, prompts, and all supporting documentation are uploaded into Google Drive as a document.

  5. The tutor will invite you to a Hangout titled “(Name) Online Tutoring Session (Date)."  Accept the invitation, and be sure to enable audio and video.

  6. Share the Google Document draft (and other materials) with the tutor by clicking the Google Drive icon in the bottom right corner of the Google Hangout window.  The document will open in a new tab.

  7. Follow the link to the document, then click “Open with Google Docs” in the top center of the screen and remain in the "Editing" (default) mode.  The draft will open in a new tab, and the Google Hangout tab and window should remain open for A/V interface.  You and your tutor will both be able to view and edit the document in real time, while talking over the Google Hangout.

  8. When finished, complete the “Online Session Tutee Report” form.  The link to the form will be provided by the tutor.

  9. Close the Google Hangout.


The WARC is excited to offer this new service, and eager to hear about your experience.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the online tutoring sessions, please direct your feedback to

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