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Asel Abdraimova, Psychology student

"Psychology gave me not only a great skill set, but also taught me to think."

- You are a student in the Psychology Department. Tell us whether or not you regret your choice. Also, why did you choose AUCA, and do you regret that choice?

I’m in my last year of school and only now realize that it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. There was a moment when I regretted my choice to study psychology, that is, when we read primary sources and studied theories of personality, neither of which I understood at all. It was very difficult for me at first, but now I know that it was worth it.

- Tell us a little about your department. What new things did you learn there? What did you gain from it?

Our department consists of beautiful women who love their profession and teach psychology in an extraordinary way. Students of the Psychology Department are good company as well. The department gave me not only a great skill set, but also taught me to think.

- Psychology itself is pretty multidisciplinary. Tell us which sphere of psychology you would like to specialize in? Why?

After graduation I want to pursue a career as a child psychologist, because child health is an issue close to my heart.

- What are the prospects for students after they’ve graduated from the Department of Psychology?

Students of psychology might be invited to do an internship in special help centers and with NGOs. This opportunity allows students to gain experience and improve professional skills that will aid them in their future careers. Furthermore, a Bard College Diploma gives us an opportunity to get a Masters in psychology in either the USA or Europe.

- Tell us about your favorite classes in the department. What is interesting about them?

Each class opens new and fascinating concepts to me. I really love each class.

- What kind of internships do students of the Psychology Department do?

We do observational and practical internships. Our department provides us with certain organizations with which the student can work as an internet. For example, the department has students at the Republican Center of Mental Health.

- What advice would you give to students who want to study in the Department of Psychology?

You need to learn to read a lot from the first year of study. P.S. As for me, I began to read much later [smile].

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