Aichurek Kadyrova:

Aichurek Kadyrova: "For more than four decades in education - for more than a decade at AUCA!"

August 7, 2017

An AUCA student differs from other university students in many ways. The AUCA student is not a passive recipient of an educational system that is imposed on him, rather an active participant in the learning process. He/she is extremely responsible for his/her learning. Additionally, co-education of local and foreign students makes them friendly, tolerant, and enriches their understanding of the world.



AUCA is one of the hottest names in Central Asia’s higher education, that’s why I’ve applied for vacancies announced by AUCA and succeeded. I’ve been teaching TOEFL, EAP, Grammar, Composition, Study Skills, ESP and Conversational English since that time.

I participated in academic workshops conducted at AUCA by professors from Bard College, NY, USA. I have more than 10 publications. At present I’m working on the problem of Overcoming Test Anxiety by students.

Teachers cannot learn for their students. What teachers can do is help them create conditions under which the students are able to learn. I tried to find the right approach to every learner’s ability, style, and liking, i.e. give my students opportunities to achieve their maximums in the productive learning environment. In teaching language skills, I do my best to involve students in the process of inquiry. I invite students to explore how reading helps writing and how writing flows naturally from it, how listening can greatly improve their understanding of language and culture.

Annually, I take part in the Entrance and Final Examinations. For two years I’d been a member of the AUCA Faculty Senate Appeals Committee. For several years I’ve traveled around our country, to Batken, Osh and Jalal-Abad regions for recruiting new students to NGA, AUCA. I was the initiator of the NGA Student Talent Show. For a number of years, I organized NGA Students’ Graduation Ceremonies.

I, after graduation from Osh State Pedagogical Institute in 1971, started working there as a lecturer, then as assistant professor at the Department of Foreign Languages, and later as a Chair of English  Methodology Teaching.  In 1978, I started working as an English teacher at a high school in order to make contribution to the secondary school education and to know more about it from inside.

In 1991, I returned to Osh State University and worked there at the Department of World Languages as an assistant professor until 2004 when I moved to Bishkek. First, I started working at Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University. From 2006 to the present I work as an assistant professor at the New Generation Academy(formerly Preparatory Program) of the AUCA. In 1997, as a winner of IREX Program, I studied at Advanced Methodology Courses at Indiana University in the USA.

AUCA graduates are active citizens and make their contribution to the democratic development of their countries in different fields.

I wish my colleagues to be at the forefront of developing, adopting and testing the ever-changing methodologies of teaching. I wish our students many successful steps in achieving their dreams and goals.

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