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AUCA acknowledges that your education is a significant investment for you and your family, and our Financial Aid Office is available to assist you in navigating the application process. Presently, 75% of our undergraduate students are benefiting from discounts or scholarships. The university provides financial aid based on financial needs and academic achievements. 

Both prospective and current students from CIS countries are eligible to apply for financial aid.

It’s important to apply within the given deadline. 

The financial aid a student receives in their first year is typically consistent with the amount they will receive in following years of study.


Scholarship: A type of financial aid that is typically awarded based on academic achievement, talent, financial need of a student or specific criteria. 

Merit-Based Aid: Financial aid awarded to students based on their academic, artistic, or other achievements, rather than financial need.

Need-Based Aid: Financial aid provided to students based on their financial circumstances and demonstrated need. 


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For payment details, Administrative Services Center -

For application to our Preparatory Program , NGA Office-

To inquire about discount opportunities for graduate programs, please reach out to the Master's program you are applying for directly

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