Programming sessions

Programming sessions

March 9, 2018

This semester, the Writing and Academic Resource Center (WARC) introduced tutoring sessions in programming by request from the Student Senate. This initiative—which became an immediate success, with all of the programming sessions booked on a regular basis--marks the first example of close cooperation between the Student Senate and the WARC.  We asked the Student Senators to tell us more about this project.

-What prompted the Student Senate to contact the WARC and suggest that the WARC opens sessions in programming?

Sevara Tadzhibaeva, Student Senator:

 “Starting from the beginning of academic year in Fall 2017, Student Senators have regular meetings every week. In the very beginning we talked through all the ideas and projects of each senator that we can implement within the year. You have asked me a question about how we differ from other Senate cohorts from previous years. Well, I think we are different in the way how we started planning of all the projects since day one. A key component of our discussion was that we have included to our list of the projects the projects that were offered by the other candidates in the campaign for Student Senate. We believed that as Senators, we should not ignore those awesome ideas.  So far, the Senate has already implemented some projects in collaboration with departments and offices in AUCA. One of the projects that was coordinated by our senator Elaman in collaboration with WARC has been a success as well. The Student Senate is always open and happy to collaborate to improve students' academic and extra-curricular life. Senators believe that through collaboration we can achieve better results and create more opportunities for AUCA community.”

Elaman Saralayev, Student Senator:

“As long as I am part of this committee, it is my duty to respond to the issues that arise among students. I heard a lot about students struggling in their programming courses, including some of my own friends, and we discussed and brainstormed with other senators about how we can be of help.”

-What results do you see so far? And what outcomes do you expect from this initiative?

ES: “I am looking forward to seeing better grades in the programming courses. I hope that in the future, programming will be accessible and interesting enough so that students from other departments may decide to take this course as well.”

-Any other comments on the work of the WARC? What further avenues for WARC-Senate collaboration do you see?

ES: “The WARC is a great resource that works perfectly for students. It is an example of efficiency and mutually beneficial exchange between tutors who are compensated for their help and the WARC users who improve their academic performance. The Senate is always happy to collaborate with the WARC to develop students’ academic life. I see a huge potential to initiate even more new projects and advance the current work of the WARC.”

The WARC and the Student Senate are currently actively exploring new ways to assist the AUCA learning community, and everyone involved is looking forward to the outcomes as well as the process itself.

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