AUCA Students Win First Accounting Championship in Bishkek

AUCA Students Win First Accounting Championship in Bishkek

October 30, 2019


AUCA students swept to victory in the First Accounting Championship in Bishkek, an academic competition held on AUCA’s campus this past weekend. The competition had about 200 people register from both Russian- and English-language universities across Kyrgyzstan. AUCA BA students Uulzhan Aitnazarova, Shaislam Shabiev, and Jyldyz Apyshova were responsible for organizing it.

The winning team, the Bad Assets, was composed of two AUCA seniors, Suhailo Mamadniyozova from the Business Administration department and Jamilya Kubanycheva from the Economics department, as well as Shambet Kurmanbekov, a graduate of Northampton University in the UK.

Suhailo, who tutors both accounting and writing at AUCA’s Writing & Academic Resource Center (WARC), says that her work as a tutor was a great help to her during the competition. “[Theory] just kind of fades away if you don’t implement it, and the one way I do implement it is by tutoring,” she explains. “This initially was my goal: tutoring for accounting is one way of keeping my mind up with accounting.”

For the first round, students competed as individuals, taking an exam that covered subjects ranging from ABC costing to transaction recording and included both theory and computation. The top performers were put into groups for the final round. “Our team members were so devoted,” Suhailo says, crediting the team’s positive dynamics with their eventual victory.