“My favorite class is definitely the one about Migration,” Mathilde Mallet.

“My favorite class is definitely the one about Migration,” Mathilde Mallet.

December 16, 2019

The AUCA is the university that hosts a lot of students from all over the world. Each student comes here with own goals. Some of them discover Central Asian (CA) culture others would like to practice their Russian, and all of them are in love with the modern university surrounded by mountains. Mathilde Mallet is an exchange student from France. She studies Social and Political sciences, majoring in Political Humanities at Sciences Po, Dijon. 

Before Mathilde didn't know anything about Central Asia, and now she is discovering many new things never known and thought about before. Choosing the university in CA, she realized the AUCA was the only option for her and a great opportunity to take classes related to her major, to discover new topics and different ways of thinking. Being very interested in the region, she is taking classes related to the Muslim Civilization, Migration, and Development in Central Asia; Russian for foreigners; Archeology of Central Asia; and Environment, Sustainability, and Development in Central Asia. 

“I have felt so comfortable since my arrival in Bishkek. I really love the city - all the green areas, big streets in the city center, cute bars and nice restaurants. I have also tried to discover the surroundings of Bishkek, as I love hiking in the mountains and near the beautiful lakes. I am enjoying my student life here.  I came from a very small campus, so it is new for me to see many people and that much infrastructure in one university. I was really surprised by the building, and that feeling of an American bubble in the middle of the mountains”, - says Mathilde.

Telling about the educational program, she noted that it differs from her university’s program: “There are departments from ICP to Software engineering. In France, we were all studying topics related only to political sciences, so it is a good opportunity for me to try new things. My favorite class is definitely the one about Migration, as it gave a very good insight on one of the key issues in Kyrgyzstan. Our great teacher, based the class on his own research, which was also a good opportunity to learn more about the methodology of conducting anthropological work. I then particularly enjoyed the class about “Muslim Civilization” - though it was very broad, I got a chance to understand better about the topic of Islam in Central Asia, among other fascinating topics”. 

Mathilde tries to be an active person of the AUCA community, she realized that students here are eager to conduct powerful projects for their community. We would like to thanks Mathilde for spending her time on the interview and wish her a nice academic year! 

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