How to get into AUCA? AUCA Head of Recruitment and Admissions Office answers the most frequently asked questions

How to get into AUCA? AUCA Head of Recruitment and Admissions Office answers the most frequently asked questions

December 18, 2019

The years in high school are very important for students. It is time to think about future profession, to prepare for exams and tests. The only concern every high school student has in mind is to make the right choice, become a worthy and sought-after specialist. Moreover, this is the main reason why students prepare for the AUCA admission exams in advance. 

Gulsana Jumakadyrova, the head of the Recruitment and Admissions Office answered the most frequently asked questions of enrollees.

  • Dear Gulsana, could you please tell, what is the admissions process?

Admissions exams are divided into three stages: registration for exams, tests and passing the necessary documents for admission.

The first stream will be held on Feb.23, 2020. The registration for the exams is open till Feb.18, 2020. You need to provide a copy of your passport (printed), a 3x4 photo and a registration fee. Registration for the exams is required.

Applicants successfully passed the entrance exams must complete and submit an application form with all necessary documents: a passport copy, a copy of the high school diploma, National testing certificate (ОРТ in Russian,(Ed.Note), two 3x4 photos on a white background, a certificate confirming you are a graduate student and a motivation letter.


  • Does the AUCA have preparation courses for a university? 

Our Continuing Education Center (CEC) has preparatory courses where high school students can prepare for the AUCA’s entrance exams. It depends on student’s English proficiency level which of the courses to choose. Moreover, those who do not have required English proficiency can study at the New Generation Academy (NGA). A one-year preparatory program is aimed to prepare students for colleges and universities. 81% of GNA graduates successfully entered the AUCA in 2018.


  • Which subjects and tests do the AUCA entrance exams include? And what are the passing marks?

Entrance exams consist of 3 parts: English proficiency test, essay writing and math test. Passing marks depend on a major you will choose.

Please clarify passing marks at the relevant department or follow the link  (Ed.Note).