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What is SILC? 

The Student Intellectual Life Committee supports student-initiated projects, professional development opportunities, and student research. It awards small grants every month to AUCA students.


Who are the members of the SILC?

There are nine members of the SILC including students and faculty: 5 elected faculty members, one appointed by the Faculty Senate and two chosen students by the faculty members of the committee, and one chosen by the Student Senate. 

1. Görkem Atsungur, European Studies, The Chair of the Committee:

2. Raphael Dagold, General Education, Vice Chair of the Committee: 

3. Nina Bagdasarova,  Psychology, Faculty Senate Representative: 

4. Kamilya Kadyrova, Director of New Generation Academy & General Education: 

5. Nicholas Mazik, International and Business Law:

6. Daniyar Karabaev, Coordinator of Liberal Arts and Sciences & General Education: 

7. Arslan Gabdulkhakov, Psychology, Student Senate Representative 

8. Asal Ulmasova, LAS - International and Comparative Politics: 

9. Asel Shamyrbekova: Sociology: 


What is the purpose of SILC? 

The GOAL of SILC is to promote excellence in research, learning, and overall intellectual development of students in the American University of Central Asia. The purpose of SILC is based on the acknowledgment that student’s scholarly experience is an integral component of Liberal Arts Education and that such research-based learning will better prepare students to fulfill their plans, aspirations, goals, and dreams. 


Which activities does SILC perform? 

SILC encourages a move toward “research-based learning” in AUCA, promotes increased opportunities for undergraduate students to have experiences as students – scholars and provides the venue for student’s scholarly accomplishments to be recognized, promoted and made available. More precisely, SILC administers the Student Research Fund to encourage and promote student research. SILC will evaluate applications for funding and award grants to support students’ field or archival research. SILC administers the Student Travel Fund to support students’ participation in international conferences, workshops, cultural exchange programs, and research-related activities. SILC members decide the Best Thesis Award for which it uses thoroughly developed criteria and procedures.

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