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Graduate program

Master of Arts in Anthropology and International Development

Why study with us?

Focused initially on pre-modern societies, anthropology has grown to include in-depth studies of modern societies, making it a discipline applicable to nearly every field of contemporary life. Anthropologists are now indispensable researchers and consultants in various domains, from development initiatives to conflict resolution, policymaking, institutional reorganization, legal studies, urban studies, education, health, ecology, and market analysis. Thus, the MA in anthropology and international
development has emerged as a sought- after destination, appealing to students and professionals from various backgrounds eager to assimilate this discipline’s unique perspectives and methodology in addressing global challenges.

As anthropology is much more than a scientific discipline, it is an exceptional way of sensing and comprehending institutions, communities, and societies. The MA in anthropology and international development presents unlimited prospects for those with a background in humanities, social and natural sciences.


What do we study?

Our MA in anthropology and international development program is designed with three primary goals. First, we aim to equip our students with competence in the essential methods of anthropology and inform them about evolving directions within the discipline. Second, we incorporate how anthropology can contribute to understanding and addressing issues related to global development, cross cultural interactions, and social change. Finally, we provide students with hands-on fieldwork experience guided by academic advisors. We also offer a comprehensive understanding of the connections between anthropology and other social science disciplines and professions, providing our students with a broad perspective to navigate a rapidly changing world.

The Department of Anthropology and International Development is open to students and professionals from all disciplines and professions who want to make a meaningful impact in their field. In our department, we enjoy stimulating the curiosity of our graduate students and supporting them as they learn anthropological research and writing methods. Moreover, we encourage our students to apply these methods to their chosen fields of profession and discipline. We are happy to foster an
inclusive and collaborative learning environment where diverse perspectives, voices, and viewpoints meet and actively enhance the academic atmosphere we have created here.


After graduation

Our students can find work in various fields: international and local development organizations, government sectors, businesses, public relations, filmmaking,
journalism, policymaking, and marketing. Furthermore, for students aspiring to pursue an academic career in Anthropology and International Development, we are delighted to provide opportunities for international exchange programs with which AUCA has established connections (such as Bard College, and the Central European University,
among others) and beyond. Join us on an exciting journey to understand the complexity of human societies, engage in transformative research, and develop your writing skills in light of the guiding principles of anthropology.

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