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From supporting one student to endowing a part of the university, there are many giving programs available to you.  

Please contact us if we may be of assistance in any way.






Sponsoring a scholarship can help one or many AUCA students ease their financial burden.  AUCA tuition is 4 times the average per-capita GDP in the Kyrgyz Republic, and 93% of all AUCA students receive financial aid.  Half and Quarter Scholarships make the best education in Central Asia immediately accessible to a wider group of talented students from across the region.


AUCA encourages its sponsors to engage with the students they sponsor to create meaningful relationships that last beyond graduation from AUCA. 


Supporting student scholarships allows you to actively participate in the education you are supporting, and create a more valuable experience for you and the students involved.



Mobility Grants


Mobility Grants support either AUCA students or faculty to pursue their academic interests outside of the Kyrgyz Republic.  Even a roundtrip ticket to Istanbul, at $500, is prohibitively expensive for students who want to pursue exchange programs, research conferences, and international meetings to gain the insights necessary to create a better world at home.


AUCA students' and fauclty's desire to experience and affect the world around them is unquenchable.  Supporting mobility means that they have the opportunities to network and share ideas that the rest of us take for granted.


Supporting mobility is also a great way for your organization or institution to create partnerships that can open opportunities for expansion in Central Asia.  


Campus Construction


The new AUCA Campus will be the first privately funded green project in Central Asia.  The campus will provide AUCA students and faculty with the infrastructure and supporting technology they need to compete in the 21st century.  Dedicated classrooms, labs, and performance spaces need committed sponsors who share AUCA's vision for educating leaders, and want to share that vision with students and faculty.


There are many benefits to becoming a sponsor at the AUCA Campus.  First and foremost, you will become a part of the most environmentally progressive building in the region.


Naming rights for parts of the campus are available depending on your giving level.  Also, all sponsor who give $50 or more will have a brick engraved with their name placed on the AUCA Foundation Wall.


Endowed Gifts


Endowed gifts are the perfect way to make sure that your gift impacts future generations of AUCA students.  The AUCA endowment is managed by Indiana University in the United States, and 5% of your gift is given to AUCA each year for the purpose specified.  Student scholarships, mobility grants, faculty chairs, and staff positions are only a few of the examples of what your endowed gift could contribute to AUCA.


Endowed gifts give you the security that your gift will impact the lives of future generations of AUCA students.  


Like all giving at AUCA, we encourage our sponsors to be involved.  Endowing a faculty chair can empower faculty to carry out research that both the faculty member and sponsor feel is valuable, and impart that knowledge to students.


AUCA Annual Fund


The AUCA Annual Fund contributes to the daily running of the university.  Currently over 40% of AUCA expenditures support financial aid to students, so .40 cents of every dollar given to the Annual Fund is supporting scholarship at AUCA.  In addition, the Annual Fund helps support faculty and staff salary, and the day to day costs of running a university.


Giving to the AUCA Annual Fund, you know that your contribution is going towards giving students the best education in Central Asia.


Annual Fund Sponsors also make an impact on the people who day in and day out make AUCA a safe and wonderful place to study.


AUCA Endowment


The AUCA Endowment is an investment fund for the sustainable future of the university.  Managed through our partners at Bard College, the AUCA Endowment currently provides about 10% of AUCA's operating budget.  Gifts to the Endowment support the running of the university for years to come.  


Sponsoring the AUCA Endowment is the least sexy way to support the university, but in many ways the most important.


Gifts to the Endowment ensure the long-term sustainability of AUCA, and gives the university the financial confidence it needs to make future investments in education. 



Faculty Chairs



AUCA Faculty Chairs help fund research, faculty development and teaching, and faculty mobility.  AUCA's faculty is young and talented, and on their hard work AUCA will build a world-class research hub in Central Asia.  AUCA faculty are underpaid, but remain at the university because of the free and open academic environment, and the chance to work with the best students in the region.


Faculty Chairs give you the opportunity to develop a relationship with not only some of the brightest minds in the region, but those who have made a committment to teach and research in Central Asia.


Furthermore, sponsoring faculty gives you the opportuinty to direct attention to and build support for issues that you are passionate about. 


Staff Development


AUCA is ever striving to be more efficient with its staff, while still maintaining the same level of service that students, faculty, and friends have come to expect.  AUCA staff are no longer one-dimensional, but training is always needed to keep up with industry best-practices.  Staff development support can help us provide students with better career advice, mental health support, extracurriculuar activities, and much more.


Supporting staff development is a fantastic way to be involved in a specific aspect of university life.  Whether it is Student Advising or Financial Aid, these offices are critical to providing quality education at AUCA.


AUCA President's Fund


The AUCA President's Fund is a discretionary fund directly controlled by the AUCA President to support projects, students, and faculty he or she feels deserves the support of the university.  This fund has been used to sponsor study abroad experiences, local research initiatives, and many other projects that would have been abandoned if not for one last appeal.


The President's Fund provides both flexibility and creativity in the projects supported by AUCA.  It is also an expression of the President's values and goals for the university.


A gift to the President's Fund can show your support for the leadership of the university, and provide a vote of confidence for its overall direction and mission.



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