The objectives of the Medical Service are:

- to protect and promote the health of students, faculty and staff of the University;

- to conduct medical and health measures;

- to conduct a medical examination of students with chronic health conditions;

- to implement a systematic medical monitoring of morbidity and physical development of students, faculty, and staff members;

- to monitor the implementation of sanitary norms and rules in the institution of education, including the food service at the University. 


The staff of the Medical Service includes a therapist, physical therapist, psychologist, and nurse.


Full-time Staff:

Elmira Amandykova, Therapist, mobile 0550 629202 E-mail:

Gultus Masaeva, Nurse 

Sharipa Toksanalieva, Physiotherapist (Monday-Friday; 9.30-15.30)

Our Physiotherapist provides  the following treatments: inhalations, ultraviolet warming, and other physiotherapy services.


Part-time Staff:

Rustam Ismailov, part-time Psychologist, 

Diana Pokhilko Psychologist/Therapist’s (counseling for Afghan students) 

Medical workers: 

•   Provide emergency medical care;

•   Conduct sanitary education studies aimed to protect and promote the health of AUCA students;

•   Inform students, faculty, and staff about preventive prophylaxis activities and other medical events;

•   Monitor compliance with hygiene regime at the university;

•   Organize and conduct anti-epidemic and preventive prophylaxis measures to prevent the spread of infectious and parasitic diseases at the University;

•   Work on health education, including the prevention of infectious and parasitic diseases;

•   Keep records of medical equipment, medicines, and monitor that they are filled on time;

•   Collaborate with other medical health specialists;

•   Keep records of approved forms of accounting and reporting of medical records;

•  Immediately inform the University administration about infectious diseases, cases of poisoning, unusual reactions after using drugs, and other emergency situations within the student body;

•  Organize examinations of students by specialist doctors in outside medical clinics;

•   Arrange fluorography for students, faculty, and staff;

•   Monitor the students who have been held at the dispensary with diseases;

•   Have the right to make proposals to improve the students' health care;

•   Participate in activities conducted by other medical institutions devoted to health issues.


Students, faculty, and staff members, in turn, must immediately inform the employees of the Medical Service, their advisor, or Program/Department/Office Chair in the case of illness or other serious communicable diseases that pose a risk of infection or risk to the health of others.


Medical service monitors medical treatment of sick students. Permission to attend classes is given only after he / she has provided the medical service office with all necessary medical documents showing that the student is healthy and can start his/her studies.


During the admissions process, local students must provide to Medical Service the following documents:

•   Medical certificate of health form - 086 / y

•   A copy of the - 063 / y (vaccination card with records of vaccinations)

•   Results of fluorography examination of the chest ( picture and description with the stamp and date are required).


International students must submit the following documents to the Medical Service:

•    Medical certificate of health

•    A copy of the vaccination card

•    Fluorography of a chest with a description.


The University Medical Service provide the following medical services:

•    The therapist provides first aid and medical advice.


•    Physiotherapist carries out the following procedures: inhalation and other types of physical therapy.


•    Psychologist provides psychological support and advice to students on various issues, including:

-     social inclusion in the student and academic life;

-     problems in the family;

-     other problems, emotional problems, etc.


The psychologist also organizes various seminars and meetings. Their main goal is to teach students how to fight stress during preparation for the exam, in the course of employment, and etc.


In accordance with Order № 285 dated 15.06.2004 of the Health Ministry of the Kyrgyz Republic № 285 dated 15.06.2004 "On the implementation of the mandatory medical examinations", all students are subject to compulsory x-ray screenings once a year, which is the most effective means of early detection of tuberculosis. At the beginning of every academic year, the administration of the university concludes a contract with the TB clinic to provide Photo X-rays.


In case if it is necessary, the therapist recommends the university students to turn to doctors of the subspecialties of special clinic according to the "Agreement on the provision of paid medical services" with the Medical - Sanitary Association Department of the Kyrgyz Republic President  (Special medical clinic) and can get the following types of outpatient medical services: 

  • ENT (ear / throat / nose),
  • ophthalmologist,
  • neurologist,
  • endocrinologist,
  • surgeon,
  • urologist,
  • gynecologist,
  • dermatologist,
  • cardiologist.

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